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Kiki Tyler

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Quotes I've been taking fitness classes for over 40 years so I've experienced many fitness instructors. Kiki is an excellent instructor who is very tuned in to her students. Her classes consist of a wide variety of ages & fitness levels & she's very aware of this composition. She's consistently demonstrating alternative moves for those who would possibly struggle with a more advanced move. Last but not least she has one heck of a fan club of which I am a member. She has a very magnetic, energetic personality. Quotes
Karen Underwood

Quotes I have taken Zumba, RED WARRIOR and WERQ through SanaVida, run by Kiki Tyler. All of her classes are AMAZING! I met Kiki at a Zumba training years ago, and found myself seeking her out when I was looking for a Zumba class with a new instructor this past winter. Kiki has amazing energy! She is so sweet and endlessly positive. She quickly encouraged me to try her other classes, which I have loved! She makes working out so much fun, and makes sure you know it's important to listen to your body and only go as hard as you can, while still pushing yourself. She has absolutely inspired me to work harder. I highly recommend Sana Vida Fitness classes. They're SO FUN! You won't be disappointed! Quotes
Sarah Blum

Quotes When I first heard about RED Warrior, I was scared. I had just started working out, I was overweight, and I didn't like the idea of anything hard. I finally agreed to give it a try, and I was amazed by how awesome I felt at the end. While some of it was hard, the music was entrancing, and it was easier to get into the Mind Your Own Business mentality than I expected. Before long, I found myself challenging myself to try new things, and I could feel myself getting stronger. It was so empowering! Whenever I talk to someone who is feeling the way I did, I always tell them to give it a shot. I assure them that it's not scary, despite how it sounds, and that it's a great workout. Definitely something anyone can do in their own way. I ended up going to the training, and instructors who are looking to add something to their repertoire should do it too! It's a full body workout that is very user friendly. I recommend it to anyone. Quotes
Sarah B.
TRY R.E.D. Warrior

Quotes Zumba with Kiki is the best! I met Kiki in August 2008. Zumba has inspired me to be proud of myself and my accomplishments. Life is having fun and enjoying each moment the day brings. Zumba has brought laughter and new found friendships into my life. Zumba with Kiki is for everyone, those that love to dance and those who have never danced. Kiki always has new moves and music while incorporating student favorites. You never get bored because you are always being challenged or singing along to familiar favorites while moving to the beats. I have been waiting for her to add more classes that fit my schedule and now my wishes have come true Quotes
Clifton, VA

Quotes I have been in love with Kiki's Zumba classes since I took my first class over a year ago. The music is the best and the movements are a lot of fun and easy to follow. Kiki also incorporates upper body and lover body toning movements into every class to give her students a total body workout all in that one hour!!! The classes were so much fun, I asked Kiki to do a Zumba party for my daughter's 30th birthday. It was a blast -- Kiki broke down the dance movements to their simplest form for all the ladies and gentlemen attending and then we were ready to Zumba!! Everyone said it was the best party they had been to ever. Ditch the Workout and Join the Party is absolutely true. Zumba is a workout, but you feel like you are at a party!! Zumba will change your life-try a class soon!!! Quotes
Clifton, VA

Quotes Words can't even explain how awesome Kiki is , I devoted myself to her Zumba class for a year and each class was better than the other, for me her classes weren't only a calorie burning but they were a source of happiness . She knows how to push you out of your limits but at the same time she knows how to keep Zumba as a fun class and not as a tiring workout. Quotes
Bashar Abdo
Fun & Happy

Quotes Kiki is a very inspiring person that has helped many people to achieve their fitness goals. I met Kiki at one of her trainings and she was very welcoming and warm with everyone. One of the things I did enjoy about this girl is her personality, she has a lot charisma and is a fun person to be around. She always smiles and amazes me with her moves. I definitely recommend anyone to participate in any of Kiki's Zumba classes , R.E.D. Warrior or WERQ classes because I feel that you can learn so much from her! Quotes
Jose Asmat
Kiki is an Inspiration

Quotes Kiki's Zumba classes are the perfect combination for a fun and challenging workout. Kiki's high energy followed by her innovative choreography makes for a great workout. The next day you will find yourself somewhere between a pleasant sore and excited for more! Quotes
Alexandria, VA

Quotes Kiki's Zumba classes are like no other! Her classes are fun, motivating, amazingly choreographed; honestly deserving the title, an awesome work out. It's Kiki's unique Zumba style that makes her classes so seriously fun and different; you want to move your body and keep on going! As a teacher, Kiki is naturally motivating and energetic; she offers a class that you look forward to every time. Kiki's classes are more like a fun evening out than a work out; you really look forward to each one. I've been exercising and doing aerobics for years; by far, Kiki's classes are some of the best and most rewarding classes I've ever taken! Quotes
Northern Virginia